One card – every plan: regardless of whether you need a SIM card for your smartphone, for surfing on your tablet, for a router or a laptop. Simply purchase an eety PUR or eety PLUS prepaid card and enable it for the plan you need.


eety PUR


SIM-card without starting credit


eety PLUS


SIM-card with € 1.00 starting credit
You’re good to go without topping up




SIM-card with tariff eety-TOP PROMO
One eety TOP PROMO plan runs for 30 days.

(You will get another plan automatically after 30 days if you have enough credit. You will be switched to eety BASIS and charged according to use if you do not have enough credit: 5 cents per minute/text message/MB.)

Illustration: Ladebon 10€eety CREDIT

Buy credit for €10 or €20 – the topping up process is automated (the top-up voucher does not have to be entered).




We offer two types of prepaid SIM card: You can chose between an eety PUR SIM card at €1.99 (without starting credit) and the eety PLUS SIM card with a starting credit of €1. If you want to start telephoning and surfing the internet as soon as you receive the SIM card, then a starting credit is exactly what you need. If you decide to get a SIM card without any starting credit, then you just need to get a voucher or top up your phone online.

Whichever option you decide to take, your eety prepaid SIM card places you under no contractual obligations and is valid for 12 months after activation. This means the SIM card’s validity is extended for 12 months every time you top it up and is automatically deactivated 12 months after the last top up. If your SIM card is broken or stolen then please call us on our service hotline. We will send you a new SIM card and block the old one.



Whether you have a SIM card with or without starting credit, sooner or later you will have to top it up. And, in order to make this as quick and easy as possible, we at eety have created three options for doing so: Either set up automatic top-ups, which guarantee you hassle-free phone calls and surfing. Or you can buy a voucher for €10 or €20 from a specialist shop or from the supermarket Lidl. What is more, it’s also easy to buy credit online. It takes no time at all to add credit to a top-up voucher, either. Either redeem the voucher directly on your phone * 1 4 7 * voucher number #  or by calling 83 033. You can find out your current balance by entering * 1 4 9 # , by phoning the number 83 033 or you can do so online by checking your account manager.


Not all SIM cards are the same! Depending on the type of device, you need a specific card size. But whether your phone is a nano, micro or standard model, your new eety SIM card will definitely fit; we have a three-in-one SIM card which covers all models. Simply break out the appropriate size from the SIM holder and insert the card into your device. And if you get a new cell phone or tablet and need a different SIM card size, then that’s no problem, either. A new phone with a different SIM card format isn’t a problem either, as you can find a suitable adaptor for every SIM card size in specialist shops.