If you want to switch to eety and keep your phone phone number, you can do this quickly and easily online in the account manager. Find out more about how this works and what you need right here.

Simply transfer your telephone number online.

It doesn’t matter whether you have a pre-paid card or a contract tariff with your current operator, now you can simply move your phone number to eety online.
As a private customer this is particularly easy, because you don’t even have to take care of the NÜV-information yourself. Instead, just send us a copy of your photo ID.
As a corporate customer, just request the NÜV-information from your current provider in advance and then transfer your mobile number to eety in the eety account manager. Or just contact our eety hotline: +43 681 83 0 83.

You will need this to move your mobile number online:

  • Activated eety SIM-card (activated by inserting into mobile phone)
  • PUK code of your eety SIM-card (can be found on the SIM-card carrier)
  • NÜV-information from the previous provider (= number transfer information, as PDF or digital photo)
  • Official photo-ID, if NÜV-information is not available (passport, personal ID or driver’s licence as PDF digital photo).
  • As a pre-paid customer: 10 Euro credit to your old pre-paid card. For your information: Your former provider will apply this amount to the fee for moving your phone number.

It’s really that easy:

  1. Log into the account manager with your eety phone number.
  2. Under the transfer mobile number menu item, enter all data, upload the necessary files and submit the form.
  3. You will receive an e-mail confirming the receipt of your application.
  4. We will send you the date for your phone number transfer to eety by e-mail.