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Tariff FLAT XL

Tariff FLAT XL

24,99 €

incl. 20% value-added tax. Shipping conditions

The broadband data tariff for your smartphone!
If all your communications happen via internet, this tariff is for you. Additionally to unlimited data, you have 200 minutes included to stay flexible.

  • No service fee.
  • Easy to import your existing call number.
  • No activation fee.

This product contains a SIM-card with tariff FLAT XL and is valid for 30 days

Price for 30 days24,99 
LTE-Data throughout AustriaUnlimited
Minutes in all networks throughout Austria200
Max. Speed (Download)40 Mbit/s

One FLAT XL package runs for a period of 30 days, unused units will be lost at the end of this period. You will receive unlimited LTE data volume throughout Austria and 200 minutes in all networks throughout Austria. The FLAT XL package does not include any text messages. You will get another tariff package after 30 days automatically if you have sufficient credit. You will be charged according to usage if you do not have sufficient credit: EUR 0.05 per minute or text message and EUR 0.9023 per MB. Once you have topped up your credit to a sufficient level, another FLAT XL tariff package will be enabled automatically.

Once all included minutes in all networks throughout Austria have been used, you will also be charged according to usage. Minute increments (national): 60/60. Data billed in 102.4 kilobyte increments.

This plan is not suitable for roaming. You cannot use it in other countries to make and receive phone calls, surf and receive data or write and receive text messages.

If you already own a SIM-card and wish to switch to this tariff, pick one of the three options below:

If you enable „Automatic recharge” in Selfcare, your account will automatically be recharged with the correct amount required, for your tariff package to continue being active. Insert your credit- or debit-card data and you never have to worry about manually recharging your account.

Click here to download your  contract summary. For the purpose of documentation, please download this document before purchasing the product.

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